The Social Commerce Revolution

An innovative Social Commerce Platform for consumers, influencers and brands. Introducing, a shoppable discovery app for fashion and style.

Social Commerce is growing faster than traditional eCommerce

of consumers rely on user-generated content to make their purchase decision
of Social Media Marketing spending estimated in 2017
increase in Social Media Marketing spending from 2013-2017
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The Problem

Unbalanced Distribution of Value
Unbalanced Distribution of Value
Social platforms gain all of their value from the content influencers create without giving them anything in return for their contributions.
Broken Sales Cycle
Broken Sales Cycle
Social media’s current structure fails to bridge the gap between discovery and sales conversion.
Lack of Control
Lack of Control
Users have no control over how their data is used by social platforms.

The Solution

Me Token and the first “EconoMe,” EconoMe is a new decentralized model for digital content creation. The Me Token, an ERC-20 token, acts as a community currency by Me-adopted social commerce platforms. Optimized for all users, is a shoppable, Instagram-like fashion experience. monetarily incentivises quality content creation from influencers and brands while rewarding users for opting in to receive targeted advertisements.
  • Token compensation for content
  • Tiered system of reward earnings
  • Fair and transparent content distribution
  • Token compensation for sharing data
  • Fully shoppable content
  • Digital fitting room, style advice, and more
  • Higher click-through rate
  • More conversions
  • Better influencer ROI
Token EconoMe
The platform connects and rewards fashion influencers, consumers, and brands. For example, Influencers are able to post brands’ outfits on the platform. Users can like and share such posts, while both parties are rewarded for content creation and engagement. Using’s patented virtual fitting room, shoppers can try on the outfit, and even purchase directly. Fashion brands are happy due to a satisfied customer and a valued influencer.

The Future EconoMe

The evolving EconoMe will be a diverse ecosystem of commerce platforms across verticals that will grow exponentially as new platforms take advantage of a pre-existing consumer base to jumpstart an engaged community. This will deepen relationships between brands, consumers as influencers when users choose to opt-in to receive advertisements in exchange for reward tokens.

Why Us

whyus founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jonathan Leong
Expert fashion, technology and social commerce teams
Established fashion industry network
State of the art image recognition software
Proprietary patented technology
About aims to disrupt e-commerce by creating a whole new experience for brands and leveraging patented technology live with clients in the US.
more detail
Provide Accurate Fit Recommendations
Mix & Match with 3D Virtual Styling
Analyze the Things That Matter


Can you tell us a little about how came to be? What’s the summary of your origin story? was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Leong with the goal of disrupting fashion eCommerce by providing a personalized shopping experience that bridges the gap between inspiration and the current online purchase experience. A friend of Jonathan’s at the time was launching a new women’s couture brand via ecommerce. She was frustrated that her consumers had no way to try on such expensive items before they purchased, risking a very unhappy purchase experience if finally the item didn’t fit or just didn’t look good on them/wasn’t their style. Thus was born.
How do you use blockchain in your project?
We see a need to utilize blockchain to give back users ownership and privacy of their social media data, and to power the relationship between and properly reward influencers, shoppers, and brands, through tokenized incentives.
Do you have a product already?
Our B2C product utilizing Me Token is currently in development with an MVP to be launched in Q4 2018. However,’s existing B2B product with the patented 3D scanning and virtual fitting room technology is already live with clients in the US market (
Is Me Token part of your business-model? What are Me tokens and what are they used for?
Me Token is definitely at the core of this social commerce B2C app, powering the relationship between the influencers, shoppers, and brands. Me tokens can be used for rewarding content engagement, giving/getting styling advice, purchase discounts, cross-promoting posts, reward users for opt-in data, and held to unlock influencer earnings tiers.